The Project

HLI Vision
– To raise an army of unique people with a strong sense of
purpose and direction in fulfilling their destiny.
HLI Mission
– To bring about self-understanding in people.
– To inspire lives and equip people to fulfill their aspirations, by
informing them and expanding their mind through knowledge.

HLI Mission Statement
– To inspire people through focus, determination, persistence
and self-discipline by informing them and putting their mind
to work.
HLI Goals
– To inspire people.
– To breed a people with unique qualities.
– To make people develop strong personal values and live by  them.
– To see people succeed extraordinarily in every area of their endeavor.
– To enable the transference of values, through mentoring.
HLI Objectives
– To enable people fulfil their life aspirations.
– To make people stand out in every facet of their endeavour.
– To help people maintain focus.
– To make people role models worthy of emulation.
– To prevent the extinction of positive and practical values.
HLI Slogan
– ‘Improving Positive and Practical Values….
HLI Values
– Focus
– Determination
– Persistence
– Self-discipline
HLI Modus Operandi
– Leadership Training
– Syndicate and Self-development
– Motivation and Public Speaking
– Youth Consultancy
– Summits, Seminars and Conferences
– Leadership Training: This involves teaching potential leaders how to be better leaders by exposing them to the experiences of great leaders. This is one in which the leadership traits in individuals are being nurtured. This is done so as to help potential leaders grow and develop better leadership skills.
– Syndicate and Self-development: This is a platform that enables interaction and the clarification of vague concepts. This is aimed at building the capacity of potential leaders by informing them on how to handle leadership and lifespan issues. This platform would foster mentoring and also expose young leaders to different strategies to remaining relevant in life.
– Motivation and Public Speaking: This is the communication of inspirational facts on various issues relevant in the leader’s life and to the leader’s leadership. This avenue is aimed at encouraging and inspiring potential leaders to continually pursue their bright future. This is done by receiving information from worthy leaders who have leading testimonies to share.
– Youth Consultancy: This platform is aimed at assisting young leaders overcome the challenges they may face as they grow and develop in the process. It is with the purpose of providing direction and lifeline to the youth. This would help them in leading a better life.
– Seminars, Summits and Conferences: This is a platform for educating the mind, and also equipping potential leaders with the necessary tools they need to impart others. This platform would make individuals expand their mind and influence base. This avenue would not only aid individuals become better leaders in their field, it would also help them to improve in governing their own lives as they learn how to deal with lifespan issues.

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