Wanted!!! An Unpractical Man


Excerpts from ” What is wrong with the world” G.K Chesterton

Our Modern Politics is full of a noisy forgetfullness, forgetfullness that the production of this happy and conscious life is after all the aim of all complexities and compromises. We talk of nothing but useful men and working institutions, that is we only think of chicken as things that they lay more eggs.

There has arisen in our time a most singular fancy, the fancy that when things go very wrong we need a practical man. It would be far truer to say that when things go wrong we need an unpractical man.

A practical man means a man accustomed to mere daily practise, to the way things commonly work. When things will not work you must have the ”Thinker”, the man who has some doctrine about why they work at all.


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