NIGERIA ELECTIONS 2015: “Yet Again, The Choice Is Ours” – BMB

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Fellow Nigerians,

In the next few months, we shall have the opportunity to reset the course of our future as a nation. This opportunity goes beyond voting and being voted for, it is an opportunity that redefines our coexistence as a united nation, it is a moment that determines whether our kids would live in peace or war, our youths in gainful jobs or idleness or our families in wealth or poverty. It is a season that pitches impunity against accountability, leadership against rulership and the masses against their neo-colonial masters. I am of the opinion that despite the challenges we have faced as a nation over the cause of the past few years, we have recorded some gains but the challenge I have is that the problems have by far outweighed the gains to a point of oblivion. The next rational question to ask would be if the gains…

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