Kingdom Entrepreneurs – The Future of The Dying Economy

The world today is in a most critical state. It’s clear that several of the world’s formerly red-hot emerging markets are experiencing serious pain.

Indonesia and India are the pits, as both are seeing deteriorating economic data, a rush of outflows, diving currencies, diving stock markets, inflation and all that stuff. Just recently, both clocked in with some ugly numbers. India had its worst PMI manufacturing report in years, and Indonesia whiffed on a trade number. The Jakarta market fell 2.6%.

Coming back home, one half of the African continent lives below the poverty line. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Per Caita GDP is now less than it was in 1974, having declined over 11%. In 1970, one in ten poor citizens in the world lived in Africa. By year 2000, the number was closer to one in two. That trend translates into 360 million poor Africans in year 2000 compared to 140 million in 1975 [National Bureau of Economic Research].

Now why am I bringing these records up? This is to show you that there is a huge decline in our world today. Darkness has covered the nation and thick darkness the people. The leaders of today prefer to depend on their intellectual and social abilities rather than to seek fresh revelations from God. I humbly remember the story of Daniel and the Hebrew boys.

The bible makes us understand that Daniel was skillful in all wisdom, cunning in knowledge, and understanding of science (Dan 1:4) yet he never made decisions without seeking the face of God despite his strong intellectual capabilities. And shortly afterwards, he was made chief of the presidents in the kingdom and he prospered in the reign of Darius and Cyrus the Persian (Dan 6:28). His prosperity automatically resulted to the prosperity of the kingdom. Oh what a great honor to be a kingdom star!!!!

I also recount the story of Joseph: He was a man that feared God, a kingdom star, a kingdom entrepreneur. He was so blessed that even Potiphar was blessed for his sake (Gen 39:5). He was so filled with the Holy Spirit as a prisoner that he gave a powerful suggestion that transformed the destiny and economy of Egypt forever, and in fact this same suggestion is being used today in Business, Agriculture, Finance and other sectors of the economy.

He suggested a Nation-wide farm program to be employed in Egypt that made the economy so robust to the extent that he sold grains to people from every part of the world (Gen 41:1-57).
That’s not all, Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh, he bought the people’s livestock, gave them grains to sow in the land and developed a sharing formula for the harvest that is used till this very day (Gen 47:13-26). What a robust economy Egypt had as a result of the impact of a kingdom entrepreneur.

This is a call for us today as kingdom stars and entrepreneurs; we are the hope and future of the dying economy and indeed the dying Nation. Unfortunately, many have lost the faith and turned away from the way that leads to everlasting life. We need to get back in line and reconcile with God, so we would leave a better Nation for our children and generations yet unborn.

Remember “you are the world’s seasoning to make it tolerable. If you lose your flavor, what will happen to the world? And you yourselves would be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless. You are the world’s light-a city on a hill, glowing in the night for all to see. Don’t hide your light! Let it shine for all; let your good deeds glow for all to see, so that they will praise your heavenly father” (Matt 5:13-16 TLB Version).

I have adopted this scripture as my life mantra, to aid me fulfill God’s will for my life and you should do same too. Never forget who you are in Jesus Christ: we are co workers with Christ, we are pencils and tools in the hands of God, we are kingdom stars, we are kingdom entrepreneurs, we are kingdom transformers and just like Daniel and Joseph, God would use us mightily to rescue our Nation from economic, social, political and financial doom.

Chinedu V. Amaefule
President, Kingdom Business Initiative.


One thought on “Kingdom Entrepreneurs – The Future of The Dying Economy

  1. Great piece that is timely for a world that has decided to forget their roots in God. We sure need more Daniels and Josephs in this world of ours.

    Africa will only rise by the work of men who love God and operate His principles daily, in business, leadership and any other endeavour.


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