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In a world where speed, logic and rationality rules, where’s the place for the heart and conscience. This question is one that troubles my mind every time I take a moment to reflect on my role as a ‘’world changer ‘’.That constant battle between the rational thinker and the creative feeler is one that dominates our human consciousness. Nations across the world are beginning to analyse critically if their failures are not just political and economic but also moral. We are also getting to realise that all round education can never be achieved in the absence of conscience therefore the need to change our narrative as individuals and as a society at large. I strongly believe that it’s high time we changed our focus from our intellectual plane of logic and ideas to meaningful intention. In the words of Boyce ‘’what is needed today is not more intellect but more soul’’.

The case for meaningful intention is one that seeks to question our individual and societal conditioning. It brings to bear the illusion that the quick techie, fast-food life we have so embraced has brought about all round satisfaction forgetting that while we have been enriched in some areas, we have also been impoverished in some other areas. The case for meaningful intention is one that gives us the warning sign that it’s time to slow down in a world where speed reigns. It posits that it’s time for more engagement and less recruitment, more quietness and less personal horn hooting as silence helps to redirect our attention to the things that matter the most. It’s my personal belief that sometimes our next major decision is just a moment of quietness away. The case for meaningful intention also seeks for more connecting and less talking, more fulfilment and less complaint, more moments and less time.

All we need is a mind-heart connection, where the head and the heart energy come together in harmony; where our longing for results is matched equally with a passionate feeling about the outcome. I believe it’s possible but all we need to do is PAUSE.


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