”I Am The Black Man” Anthony Moore


Culled From ”Chicken Soup for the African American Soul (Canfield, Hansen, Nichols & Joyner, 1999)”


I am the brown clay God scooped from the sand. He molded me, then blessed me, with his own two hands. He breathed life into my lungs and sat upon the land.

I am God’s finest creation and he called me man. I am the beginning of humanity, intelligent and strong. My life will be full, and my days will be long.

My mind is the birthplace of philosophy and mathematics, position of stars, motions of planets, I know the schematics. I am the creator of civilization and master of architectural design. Knowledge, understanding and wisdom flow from my mind.

In my heart pumps the rich blood of kings and queens. I am the descendent of those who knew all things. Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, and Abraham.

Formed in the womb of God’s most perfect gift, the black woman, with her perfect skin, full lips and hips. The angels look down while doing protective duty, and secretly wished they possessed beauty. I am her child, her father, her brother, her lover. God is the only thing I can place above her. I am the past. I am the present. I am the future.

I am the beginning. I am the end. I am what moves you. I am only beginning to understand truly who I am. I am God’s glory and God’s love. I am the Black man.

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