Hail Wisdom!!!


If she were a bride,then I’ll surely be her bridegroom.If she were a king,to be her servant would remain my highest calling.if she were a teacher,I’ll be her best student,for the most soothing feeling is to lean at the feet of wisdom.

A wise man of old once asked this vital question,baffled by the famine not of food,but of wisdom that existed around him. He simply said “Days should speak and multitude of years should teach wisdom”.This was borne out of an observation that our so called greatmen are not always wise,it was born out of the childish character and thought pattern displayed by his predecesors,it was borne out of an inquisitiveness to find out really what wisdom entails.Is it an accumulation of facts in the fat account of knowledge,is it an aggregation of the distance travelled in life,would it mean that a 40year old by all standards should be wiser than a 4year old,would it mean the pious display of information.I do not seek to breakdown this age long mystery but to lend my thoughts to this very virtue whose value is far more than the Petro-dollar.

Wisdom teaches that we learn from experiences in life,may be we have sidelined this experiences to the good ones,but wisdom says No,it equally advocates for the bad ones.It gives us that signal that in mistakes we discover what works from what doesn’t.It teaches us that in those moments of longsuffering,pain and discomfort,we learn the very essentials of compassion,humanity and a shared togetherness.Wisdom teaches that even when we experience the cry of a new born child,the blissful joy of marriage, and the anxiety of convocation,we never forget to craft out our most important lessons from those moments.Abraham Lincoln,Nelson Mandela,Mother Theresa knew this,little wonder we still refer to their wisdom.

Wisdom also posits that we must be flexible and adaptable,not stuck to traditions of old.It teaches that all tenets of innovation and strategy come from the skillful application of knowledge.It teaches that even the caterpillar knows one day he would end up a butterfly.It teaches that it’s good we experience change,but that initself is not good enough,for the speed of change is accelerating and we must keep up.It teaches us that we must never make our “b” silent,for a bend is not the end.It teaches us that the end of a race is just the beginning of another.It teaches us that we are more than our self limitation.

Wisdom teaches that in our hearts resides a cup,as long as the cup is filled with juices of joy,happiness and peace,our hope shall remain unshaken.Wisdom teaches that without risking something,we risk everything.It teaches that there’s always a better way of saying things.It is that voice that whispers saying “May be you shouldn’t use that abusive word”,”May be you should apologize first”,”May be should delay your self gratification”,”May be that’s not a good decision for now”.It is also that voice that warns sternly “Remember every action has its consequences,for whatever you sow,you shall reap”,It warns that “to every thing there’s a season,and a time to every purpose,therefore you don’t have all day to pursue your dream”.

Wisdom compels us to remember the importance of hardwork,dilligence and patience.It teaches us that timing may be more important than time in some cases.It teaches us not to be sullenly silent nor full of impertinent talk.to speek disreetly and piously as occasion serves.It teaches us to move from a vicious to a virtous cycle.

Most importantly,wisdom teaches that if possession held in abundance gives us status,then lives touched in abundance gives us influence.Everyone must heed to the ever crying voice of wisdom,for it is our guardian angel in the stormy present.All hail wisdom!!!

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