The Intellectual Leadership Fix

It’s a fight between a fact and the truth,between true freedom and our version of freedom. It’s a fight between decadence of morals and values in a dynamically changing world and a seemingly fading tradition of virtue and right values. It’s a fight between logic and higher order thinking as a mortal and supernatural being.

It’s that feeling that leadership decisions starts and ends in the head,it’s that feeling that arises due to lack of purity In leadership,it’s that feeling that results in having a distinction between good leaders and leaders for good,it’s a fight between ambition and submission.

It’s a fight between an idea and the ideal,it’s a fight between serving human needs in principled ways and also doing that in logical ways. It’s that feeling that implies that intellectual property is not the real wealth of the 21st century but spiritual property. It’s that feeling that suggests that a true leader must resolve to live by a higher standard irrespective of feelings or external pressures.

It’s all about people,it’s all about leadership. Therefore in learning to say no to negative things we open ourselves to positive things. Selah

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