A closer look at ethnicity

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Human nature over time has proved to behave with great kindness towards members of same group,nation or organization.As a matter of fact we express anger and great aggression towards any one,group or thing perceived to be on the other side,in terms of competition and threat to our advantage.

Our nation is in die need of national ethic that will unite us all as one.Ethics brings about cooperation and not disintegration which has been our experience over the last few years,as a matter it is responsible for the development and blossoming of the human culture over the years.

Tribalism is very evident today,as it shows itself in the form of religious wars and fanatical nationalism.It has wired our brains not for finding the truth but for finding advantage.That explains why Politics in our dear nation seems to have suffered a great setback(He is not my tribe syndrome). Rev Father Matthew kuka calls it the ”folly of ethnic compartmentalization”,judging from his experience during the Oputa Panel saga.

I therefore posit that we must therefore refrain from looking at our nation as ”Different tribes manifesting themselves in a nation but as a nation manifesting itself in tribes”. This will shift our perspective from a sense of ownership to a sense of partnership.

The caption Nigeria,good people,great nation would be made possible if we refrain from the folly of ethnic compartmentalization.The truth is self evident but not self executing.Our dreams of a great nation begins with u.cheers.

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