My Concern:Where Do We Go



Was Thinking about our state as a nation(Nigeria) most importantly reflecting on a video i came across on the social media website(YouTube). It was the video of Alhaji Asari Dokubo in which he talked about some major issues as it affects the nation,one particular statement i carefully took note of was his description of the Hausa people’ as” Fulani occupiers of our land that migrated from Foutajallon”.

     As i listened with rapt attention i came to a conclusion that my judgments and fears about the state of the nation was practically being realized.i have always posited that the ultimate problem we have as a nation is that ” we see ourselves as different tribes trying to express themselves as a nation instead of a Nation expressing itself in tribes”. A critical analysis of that speech simply expresses that after 50years of independence,we still abhor tribalistic hatred and divisions,therefore i can conclude that we never saw ourselves as a nation right from the start.

   What is self evident is the fact that now we can see from the analysis of the obvious that  the undue obsession to materialism and wealth accumulation has caused a deep rot in our sociopolitical system.If we do have men of questionable characters and unproven integrity call the shots in our nation,then I’m tempted to ask the question ”Where Do We Go From Here”?

  Where do we go from here,if hypocrisy,deception and falsehood are the instruments of governance ans social integration,Where do we go from here if issues like Zoning,Federal character and quota system can spark statements like ”Matching Blood For Blood”. Where do we go from here if mourners cannot be allowed to bury their dead peacefully without losing theirs also.Where do we go from here if even security outfits in a nation are also insecure.Questions,Questions,Questions.

   Ken Saro-Wiwa put his life on the line not because of a pecunary advantage but for the right to a safe environment of the Ogoni People.Not justifying violence in any way but The Niger Delta militants could still manage to summon the reason of ”oil exploitation”as their creed for fighting.But Where do we go from here if a group of people decide to cause instability in a nation by fighting for an unjust cause.In the words of Martin Luther King Junior”We have not learnt to disagree without being violently disagreeable”.

  Therefore just like the Cameroonian proverb”He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers” I believe strongly that in every problem lies an equal and greater solution.Abraham Lincoln once said”The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present.The occasion is piled with difficulty and we must rise with occasion”.It’s in this light that I would like to posit that one of the very numerous way out of our present sate is for our Government to embrace ”Constructive Criticism”,It may be difficult but its needed,cos in them do we see salient issues in the heart of individuals.

  I believe therefore that any government prone to making ”Intentional mistakes both of words and deeds,should also expect an avalanche of back-lashing form its citizenry,cos they forget that it’s both our action and inaction that shapes us as a nation.In the words of President Theodore Roosevelt ”To announce that here must be no criticism of the president,or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile but it is morally treasonable to the American Public”,In our case I’ll say to the ”Nigerian Public”.

  Therefore i conclude so long God gives us the priviIedge of life,so long our Hope remains endless.In Ty Bello’s Voice ”The future has come”.cheers

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