Thoughts Do Have Presence

Having observed man’s existence, I have reached a conclusion ”Thoughts Do have Presence”based on the the fact that the Intangible things are more real than the tangible.The bible proves it in so many scriptures famous amongst the rest is that which was stated in 2 Cor. 4:18 ”While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal”.

Its amazing how these things which we cant hold or touch dictate our day to day living,its the reason why tears roll down the eyes of a man having lost someone dear to him,its the reason why a lady feels like giving up due to the pressure of stress and anger at work,its also the reason why laughter fills the heart of that guy who just got the title of being a father,its the reason why two love birds hurry with so much joy to the altar to start a destiny together.

If its the intangible that represents true reality then i posit that we must make conscious effort in training our thoughts.Its so sad when i see a group of people and their thought process.I believe very strongly that Nigeria and the church in Nigeria have experienced the miracle of healing,deliverance and breakthrough,which is not bad in itself,but the next Miracle we are yet to witness is the Miracle of the Mind.

Its a major fact that when people don’t know what to do all they’ll do is settle for less,I came across an ad on a particular website,it read”Learn how to start importation business with just 10000 naira. I was said not because of the ad itself but because of the mindset behind that ad.We live in a system where the importation of beliefs is superior and a major priority in the development of the system, forgetting the fact that we learn best when we do things ourselves.

”We hold these truth to be self evident that all men were born equal”(martin Luther king jnr) this statement is an example of a thought that has presence,we can see its effect till today,Life is not a funfair, life is a warfare(Bishop Oyedepo),thought with presence.When purpose is not known abuse is inevitable(Myles Munroe),thought with presence.

In concluding this writing,i must say that our progress as Nigerians and individuals rests solidly on our capacity to challenge our thought process,which requires a deviation from the norm.Challenge your thinking.

”The significant problem we face in life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking”(Albert Einstein). As a man Thinketh so is he(Prov 23:7).

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