It Is Time

Its strange how we as humans treat objects based on our perception of its value,how come we never treat ourselves that way.

So we keep our luxuries with much care ,adornment and order and pay little attention to the need for order,sanity and control in our life’s.

We must always know that today’s problems are a result of yesterday’s short sighted solutions,and this calls for a shift in the way we see ourselves, and a shift in the way we view our role as leaders.

Its time to restore order to chaos,to bring smiles to the faces of our neighbors cos we are a royal priesthood,a holy nation,a peculiar people and most importantly the light and salt of the earth.

If we are to truly represent the salt of the earth then we must know just as the Constitution(bible) says that without salt the earth in fact anything will lose its taste,that emphasizes that fact that we are responsible for the preservation of the earth.Its time to take responsibility.

Just as a song writer said” The future started Yesterday,we are already late”change your Perception


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